Electric Car Conversion Kits

GEM Electric Cars

GEM Electric Cars, a Division of the Chrysler corporation, makes a line of small electric vehicles simply known as "GEM" electric cars. GEM stands for Global Electric Motors, and they are excellent at getting commuters from point A to Point B, as long as Points A and B aren't more than 30 miles away. You can drive it on roads and the paths of your golf course equally.

About the size of a huge golf cart, GEM electric cars are very customizable. Some fit only 2 people inside and have Truck beds, while others can haul 6 people at once.

Most impressivly, GEMs run totally on electricity from your home without the need of any other fuels. However, they feel very unsafe in traffic and few can live with the limited speed and range that GEMs have compared to the vehicle that they would be replacing it with.

Who should use GEM electric cars?

Clearly not people who have a long commute to the office. The most obvious interest group for the GEM would be retirees and golf fans who live near the golf course. To drive a single vehicle to the golf range and then on it all day is a huge draw for many.

Aside from golfers, many other people will benefit owning a GEM that live in areas where everything they need is within a couple of miles or less from their door. Urban commuters, closed communities, and of course university students and staff will find the GEM lifestyle ideal.

The bottom line on deciding if GEM electric Cars are right for you is that your current car must feel too big and cumbersome to you now. If you feel the need for speed or work far from home, then you are probably better off converting your old gas-guzzler to electric. However, for about the same price as that conversion, GEM electric Cars are a great alternative if every place you go is within 10 miles of your home... And you're in no great hurry to get to any of them.