Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Car Motor

Choosing or even simply finding a motor for your particular electric car conversion is usually the hardest part about converting to electric. Sure, you can Google for an "Electric Car Motor" and find some strong-looking DC motors that should do the job, but even if it's got the right specs for your vehicle, there's still more to consider.

For one thing, you have to figure out exactly how to mount it to your electric car. Each individual Electric Car Motor requires a particular Adapter plates for that motor & vehicle, both. It has to be made of STEEL, not aluminum naturally, because this adapter plate will normally be subject to huge amounts of stress while accelerating and decelerating.

So since one end of this thick, steel plate has to mount precisely to the electric car motor you choose, the other side of it has to mount precisely to the vehicle you choose. -So basically, it's better to shop for the Adapter plate first and then go find the Motor second!

Another major consideration is the electronic Controller for your electric car motor. Never purchase a motor for your vehicle without the matching electronic controller, or you will likely find yourself settling for non-ideal parts later on down the line... And I bet you can guess how ugly it could get if you coupled the wrong controller to your motor... All it takes is for the amperage range to be off by a few dozen amps one way or the other and your motor could be fried easily!

How many Electric Car Motors will I need?

The number of Electric Car Motors that you need to purchase (all with their own plates & controllers) completely depends on the number of DRIVE wheels that your vehicle already had. For instance, if you are converting a front-wheel drive
coupe of some kind, then you'll need to place the motors on the two front wheels.

To keep the conversion as inexpensive as possible, you should naturally keep your existing transmission, which of course will engage the same drive wheels.

At the same time, this means that if you plan on converting your jeep 4 by 4, you'll be forced to purchase 4 electric car motors and place one on each wheel... Thereby doubling the number of batteries you put in the car as well!