Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Car Kit Reviews

If you have been searching for the best Guide on converting a car to electric, or even building an electric car from scratch, then look no further. Below are reviews of the best four Electric Car Kit manuals online!

Electric Car Kit Review: Premium Electric Car Guide

Premium electric car guide

The Premium Electric Car guide is the cheapest of all of the online Electric car guides and is a great starting place for those looking to get into making your own EVs. Although it is not as in-depth as the next guide I mention, it is ideal for newbies to Electric Vehicle Conversions. Click on the image to read more.

Price: $37

Electric Car Kit Review: Electricity 4 Gas

Electricity for Gas

Click on the Image to Read More.

Price: $49.97

Electricity 4 Gas is the most in-depth electric car conversion manual I have found anywhere. As a bonus, this product is supported better than any other of the manuals you can find online. The owner gives you his direct email address and you can ask just about any EV-based question you'd like with a very fast turnaround time!

The real reason to buy this one, however, is that this kit includes the most detailed plans on how to make/convert your electric car. If you're serious about converting, this is my #1 choice, hands down.


Electric Car Kit Review: Gas 2 Electric

Gas for Electric



Another fine Kit, Gas 2 Electric is not the most in-depth guide, but it has some fresh insights. Some find this manual a little confusing and difficult to follow, but it still can produce great results or supplement your existing work if you take care to really understand the instructions. Click on the image to read more.

Price: $49.95

Electric Car Kit Review: Convert 2 EV

Convert to EV



CONVERT 2 EV is also a very nice electric car kit manual. It is in depth but it is not as easy to follow as the 2 previous guides I've mentioned. Purchase this one as a supplement when searching for more answers. Click on the image to read more.

Price: $49.97