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  • An electric car conversion is not as difficult as some people might think. Nowadays, more people care about the environment and more people want an electric car conversion done on their cars. A good electric car conversion kit can help you with your electric car conversion.
  • It's hard to talk about electric cars without mentioning the Gem Electric Car. Chrysler's division for electric cars that are really just big Golf Carts, GEM, deserves the honor of having been the first maker of electric cars (in this century, at least) for consumer use. Your Chrystler dealer has been carrying them for over a decade now and they are very customizable as well as inexpensive.
  • GEM Electric Cars, a Division of the Chrysler corporation, makes a line of small electric vehicles simply known as "GEM" electric cars. GEM stands for Global Electric Motors, and they are excellent at getting commuters from point A to Point B, as long as Points A and B aren't more than 30 miles away. You can drive it on roads and the paths of your golf course equally.
  • The only thing that is required is the electric vehicle battery and its maintenance is minimal. Electric car parts are changing the way the car moves and operate.
  • The basic definition an electric car engines is a car engine that is run by an electric motor instead of an engine that uses gas.
  • An electric vehicle battery is one of the most critical component of electric car parts in a hybrid electric car. When people are converting their gas run vehicles into hybrid electric cars, they must pay attention to the electric vehicle battery.
  • Hybrid electric engines usually run off of electricity. Once the car hits a certain speed however, the electric engine usually switches over automatically to the gas engine so the car has enough staying power for the highway.
  • The electric car cooler is a convenient electric car part that can fit in the spaces between the seats of a car and its 12 volt cooling unit can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket and then cool beverages, as well as food till minus 40 degrees Celsius.
  • There are items such as the electric car motors that may well serve us to learn a bit about. An electric car motor is just the beginning of the great piece of machinery operating an electric car and it changes the way we look at transportation through it’s simple but concise operation style.
  • Choosing or even simply finding a motor for your particular electric car conversion is usually the hardest part about converting to electric. Sure, you can Google for an "Electric Car Motor" and find some strong-looking DC motors that should do the job, but even if it's got the right specs for your vehicle, there's still more to consider.