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  • Resource website on electric car conversion kits, including tips and advice on how to build your own electric vehicles using electric car kits and discussions of tips and advice on electric cart parts, battery, and other electric car engine components.
  • First you have to decide what type of car you want to use to build your own electric vehicle with electric car conversion kits. Smaller cars will usually be ideal, but larger vehicles can be used as well.
  • Web page of electric vehicle kit reviews. Electric vehicle conversion kits are put together by many different companies and EV interest groups throughout the United States and Canada. Below you'll find that we've taken the liberty of listing some of the more popular EV conversion kits and placed them on this site for you to compare to each other.
  • Wilderness EV, based in Lehi, Utah, currently sells four different electric car kits for vehicles of varying sizes and voltages. Below we’ll list the parts list for all four of these kits with their prices.
  • Electric Vehicles USA Inc., an established EV business based in Piedmont, South Carolina, offers an extensive line of electric vehicle parts with three full EV conversion kits. Below we have listed the parts in each of these three kits with their prices.
  • Electro Automotive sells an excellent conversion kit along with many other EV parts out of Felton, California. We’ve taken the liberty to list the parts in their conversion kit below with its price.
  • Not to be outdone by the yanks, Canadian Electric Vehicles, Ltd., based in Errington, British Colombia, has thrown in a very impressive and almost totally complete conversion kit made especially for the popular Chevy S-10 series of trucks.
  • Many people are now performing home conversions on their cars and are coming up with ways to turn a traditional gasoline powered car into an electric model by using electric car kits.
  • Rising energy costs make the search for affordable transportation options more important now than ever. One option, which might appeal to the do-it-yourself set, are electric vehicle kits.
  • Do you want to convert a gas vehicle to an electric vehicle? There are many electric car conversion kits out there for your do-it-yourself electric car conversion project. Which electric car conversion kits are the best?
  • If you have been searching for the best Guide on converting a car to electric, or even building an electric car from scratch, then look no further. Below are reviews of the best four Electric Car Kit manuals online!