Electric Car Conversion Kits
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Electric Vehicle Kit

Rising energy costs make the search for affordable transportation options more important now than ever. One option, which might appeal to the do-it-yourself set, are electric vehicle kits.  These kits allow people with knowledge of automobiles to covert traditional gas powered vehicles to one powered by electric current. Using an electric vehicle kit is not easy, however, it requires extensive knowledge of mechanical parts of cars.

Using the electric vehicle kit to convert to electric

Converting to electric is not for the faint of heart, however. Extensive modifications must be made to nearly all mechanical parts of the automobile, from the:

  • engine,
  • radiator,
  • air conditioner and heater, to
  • the gauges on the panel.

Because electric cars must be recharged, converting a car using an electric vehicle kit also necessitates the purchase or use of a charging station, unless alternative energy sources (such as solar power) can be used.

Can any cars be converted electric vehicles?

The answer appears to be no. While converting any car is technically possible the most common electric vehicle kit seems to be the Chevy S-10 pickup electric vehicle kit. Several examples of successful conversions can be found online, and many of them utilize this model.

Converting Chevy Geo with electric vehicle kit

The Chevy Geo is also a candidate for conversion using an electric vehicle kit, at least for model years 1989 – 1999. Cars that are similar to the Chevy Geo Metro (e.g. Chevy Sprint, Suzuki Swift and Pontiac Firefly) may also be suitable for conversion using this kit.

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