Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Engines

With the price of gas so high these days, many consumers are looking into other options besides cars that have gas driven engines. The idea of spending less on gas is a very appetizing prospect, especially when it can cost over $50 to fill a car tank these days! Hence the idea of electric engines are widely welcome.

Car manufacturers are investing more time and money into electric engines and hybrid car production. Hybrid electric cars are cars that have both electric engines and gas engines in them. Hybrid electric cars achieve much better gas mileage than their gas engine only counterparts and are slowly going down in price as the demand for them increases. Electric engines are known for their power efficiency.

Basics of electric engines

Hybrid electric engines usually run off of electricity. Once the car hits a certain speed however, the electric engine usually switches over automatically to the gas engine so the car has enough staying power for the highway. There are cars that have only electric engines with no gas engine backup, but for the time being, these electric engines are fairly limited in their mileage as their electric vehicle battery needs to be recharged after less than 100 miles of driving distance.

Hybrid electric engines

With a hybrid electric car engine, the electric part of the system takes the energy when the driver brakes to recharge itself. These types of engines do not need to be plugged in to recharge; they have the built in capability of charging themselves. Electric engines also try to conserve their energy so that they don’t run out of juice as quickly. One way they do this is to cut itself off when the car stops at a red light. Of course, the electric engine immediately gears back up when you “hit the gas” and tell the car to go again.

The downside of electric engines

One of the only downsides to electric engines is the lack of quick power. Some are used to gunning their cars and achieving highway speeds within seconds. With an electric engine, you just can’t achieve those speeds that quickly. If you have a hybrid engine, the time it takes to speed up will be less, but if you have an exclusively electric engine, it can take a bit longer to get up to the speed you need.

Electric cars are probably the future. Eventually, most of us will be driving cars that run off of electricity only. At that point the world will probably be a quieter place since an electric engine is almost eerily quiet. In the meantime, the technology keeps getting better and cheaper so that sooner or later cars with electric engines will be affordable to most consumers.