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Electric Car Cooler

The electric car cooler is a convenient electric car part that can fit in the spaces between the seats of a car and its 12 volt cooling unit can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket and then cool beverages, as well as food till minus 40 degrees Celsius. Electric car coolers are nice additions to your hybrid electric cars.

How much is an electric car cooler? what is the cost of an electric car cooler?

The cost of such an electric car cooler is between $65 and $100 and so does not pinch the pocket too much. Having an electric car cooler will allow the traveler to not have to visit a drive-thru and be able to get all the food and beverage cooled at a temperature desired by him. One can load the electric car cooler with food and cold drinks and go on a journey knowing that there is enough to serve snacks and meals while on the road and that too without experiencing any inconvenience. When you build your own electric vehicles, you may want to consider adding electric car coolers for comfort and convenience.

About electric car coolers

Quite a few of the electric car coolers being used are actually made in far off China, Taiwan and other far eastern countries. Some of the electric car coolers do not make use of compressors and refrigerants and so are more environment friendly without emitting wasteful gases into the atmosphere. There are also push buttons and LCD from which the temperature of the cooler can be viewed in Celsius and the electronic unit does not make much noise while operating.

How much can electric car coolers cool?

Most electric car coolers can cool in the -5 to 100 degree Celsius range. Having an electric car cooler in the vehicle permits greater comfort, especially when undertaking long journeys. The electric car cooler can cool and have the same cooling effect as a 10lbs. pack of ice without the resulting melting of water which can slush the vehicle. Due to the use of foam insulation the electric car cooler is energy efficient when consuming power.

Everybody loves to go out on family vacations and nothing can be more worrisome than when food becomes contaminated due to inefficient storage. Having an cooler will certainly prevent having to consume hot sodas or soggy sandwiches. There is no fear of contaminating the environment as the electric car cooler does not emit any harmful CFCs or any other dangerous gases. With its compact size there is also no inconvenience felt by the occupants of the car as it will conveniently fit in between the seats and so not occupy or need extra space.