Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electro Automotive Conversion Kit

Electro Automotive sells an excellent conversion kit along with many other EV parts out of Felton, California. We’ve taken the liberty to list the parts in their conversion kit below with its price.

This 144-Volt conversion kit includes:

Motor, NetGain ImPulse 9
(Substitution Option: NetGain WarP 9
Contactor, Albright #SW200
Controller, Curtis/PMC, #1221
(Substitution Option: Curtis/PMC #1231 Controller)
Potbox, Curtis/PMC, #PB6
Circuit Breaker, Heinemann
Fusible Links
0 - 400 Amps Gauge
(Substitution Option: 0 - 500 Amps Gauge
6 - 16 Volt Gauge
Choice Of:
Pack Voltage Gauge (reads in actual volts)
State-Of-Charge Gauge (reads 0-100%)
Charger, Zivan NG3 110VAC input
2/0 Cable
5/16" Hole Lugs
3/8" Hole Lugs
Belleville Precision Tension Washers
3/4" Heat Shrink Tube
Noalox Anti-Corrosion Compound
Cable Crimper
Cable Shears
Battery Filler
Temperature Correcting Hydrometer with temp probe
Digital Multimeter
“Convert It” EV conversion Manual

Price: $6,425 USD - Shipping, tax, and insurance additional

For more information about this kit or in case you’d like to order it, you can contact Electro Automotive at the following phone number or address:

Electro Automotive
PO Box 1113-W
Felton, CA 95018-1113
Phone: 831-429-1989
Email: electro@cruzio.com