Electric Car Conversion Kits

Canadian Electric Conversion Kit

Not to be outdone by the yanks, Canadian Electric Vehicles, Ltd., based in Errington, British Colombia, has thrown in a very impressive and almost totally complete conversion kit made especially for the popular Chevy S-10 series of trucks.

It comes more complete than any other conversion kits because it includes all adapter plates and battery boxes! If you have a Chevy S-10 (or S-15) pickup truck already, this is the kit for you, hands down.

This 144-Volt truck conversion kit includes:

9" Advance DC Motor with Tail Shaft
9" Adapter Housing Assembly
9" Motor Mount
Controller Heat Sink and Mounting Plate
Curtis 1231C Motor Controller
Curtis Style PB Potbox
Zivan NG3 Battery Charger
DC/DC Converter
Albright SW-200 Main Contactor
400A Main Fuse
Marine Style Fuse Block with Cover
Heinemann Main Breaker with Manual Disconnect Cable (not airpacks)
Front and Rear Batter Boxes with Front Battery Box Support and Cable Conduit
Battery Cables
Battery Cable Ends, Boots, Heat Shrink, and Markers
Gast Vacuum Pump with High Quality Brass Industrial Switch
Vacuum Pump Resevoir
CAD Wiring Diagram and Installation Manual

Price: $9,525 CAD – Shipping, tax, VAT, and insurance additional

To order this kit or to inquire with any questions, please contact Canadian Electric directly:

PO Box 616
1184 Middlegate Rd.
Errington, BC V0R 1V0
Phone: (250) 954-2230
Email: Randy@canev.com