Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Vehicle Kit Reviews

Electric vehicle conversion kits are put together by many different companies and EV interest groups throughout the United States and Canada. Below you'll find that we've taken the liberty of listing some of the more popular EV conversion kits and placed them on this site for you to compare to each other.

Keep in mind while reviewing these that you must supply the donor car to use any of these, and of course the lighter it is, the better range and speed your electric vehicle will have.

Other considerations to keep in mind include that each and every vehicle out there will need its own adapter plate made custom for it, so that you can mount the motors in these kits to the car of your choice. Sometimes the battery racks need to be made custom for it as well, because they are usually placed creatively throughout the inside of your vehicle, in such places where the gas tank used to reside.

Batteries are never included in any conversion kit too because they would simply cost too much to ship... So both your adapter plate and your batteries need to be obtained locally for use with any EV kit you can find. (Every big city will have machine shops that can make these for you.)

Remember, before ordering any electric car conversion kit you really should take the time to fully research which kit is the best for your driving habits, needs, and of course, your donor car.

Wilderness EV conversion kits

Wilderness EV has 4 different EV conversion kits, making theirs the best selection of ev conversion kits found anywhere online. Ranging between $2880 and $5495, they are likely to offer a great kit for your needs.

Electric Vehicle USA conversion kits

EV USA offers 3 different EV conversion kits that range in price between $2799 and $6000.

Electro Automotive conversion kits

Although Electro Automotive sells many different “system” kits for electric vehicles, their only Full EV conversion package is a $6425 “Deluxe Universal Kit” which is very likely to work on whichever donor vehicle you are attempting to convert.

Canadian Electric conversion kits

Canadian Electric offers the most expensive, yet also the most complete EV conversion kit, which is custom tailored for a Chevy S-10 Pickup truck.

*All prices and components subject to change at owner's discretion.

Note: If you represent a company that sells EV conversion kits, which is not listed here, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us a note with your website’s URL to our contact form.